Friday, April 19, 2019

SVP / Suicidal Thots & Cinnamon Cocaine

It could have been so good ....

Pose by SVP and Tattoo by Suicial Thots

Suicidal Thots & Cinnamon Cocaine

[Suicidal Thots] Resentment Marker Tattoo

Maitreya / Slink / Omega

---- 000 ----

SVP : Poses for All

Zaguy Pack

4 poseballs with cross and animations

Exclusive at the Dark Side

----000 ----

[Sexy Princess] / BodyCult Tattoo & Fashion Lounge


Beautiful silver (also comes in gold) body chain by Sexy Princess and tattoo by BodyCult.

[Sexy Princess]

Monaco Silver Body Chain

also comes in gold
Maitreya / Slink Hourglass / Slink Physique

---- 000 ----

BodyCult Tattoo & Fashion Lounge

Glamour Girl Cleavage Tattoo

Maitreya / Omega / Slink
dark / light / medium options

Exclusive for the #Hashtag Event

---- 000 ----

[Sexy Princess] / Aphrodite / Stone's Works


Beautiful sexy dress from Sexy Princess, beautiful butterfly bracelet from Stone's Works and 'special' Easter egg from Aphrodite.

You can personalize this Easter Egg, choose your own name or short text to write on the egg, gift it to your loved ones, eat it together.

[Sexy Princess]

Primrose Nightwear

Slink / Maitreya / Belleza / Tonic / eBody
Five different colours

Exclusive for The XXX Original Event

---- 000 ----


Aphrodite Easter - Bunny Egg -Customized-

Very Special - you can send to your loved ones

---- 000 ----

Stone's Works

Butterfly Bracelet in Silver

Resize / Copy

Stone's Works Blog

---- 000 ----

Darkmoons Corner

Lost in the Dungeon

Three piece outfit by ***DMC***


Tammy Outfit

Belleza / Maitreya / Slink
Heels, Pants, Top
Five Colours Available

Exclusive at the Hashtag Event

---- 000 ----

[Sexy Princess] / #Pretty Girl Rock

Open to You

Beautiful complete outfit by Sexy Princess and bracelets by Pretty Girl Rock

[Sexy Princess]

Marena Outfit

Maitreya / Slink / Belleza
complete outfit - top, skirt, boots, belt, panties

Exclusive for Designer Showcase Event
Opens on 5th of April till the end of the month

---- 000----

#Pretty Girl Rock
Diva Gold Bracelets
copy and resize

GIFT at the Hashtag Event

---- 000 ----